Clinton Campaign Charges College Students $500 To Attend ‘Conversation with Chelsea’ Event

Clinton Campaign Charges College Students $500 To Attend ‘Conversation with Chelsea’ Event

The Clintons understand the average American. They know what it’s like to be dead broke. Hillary Clinton is so a woman of the people. She’s just like you. (Except for making millions of dollars off the backs of the taxpayers and suffering from Disingenuous Lying Seahag Syndrome). Bill Clinton is just like you! (Minus being an unapologetic rapist, of course.) Chelsea Clinton is just like you! (Except for getting paid $600,000 a year by NBC to basically do nothing.)

Bill and Hillary are notorious for charging a sinful amount of money to speak at events. We’re talking $250,000+. Luckily, their daughter Chelsea is a lot more affordable. She’ll speak and take some photos for a measly $65,000. That’s it. Talk about a bargain. But wait– it gets BETTER!

The Hillary Clinton campaign held a super fun “Conversation with Chelsea” event at Penn State University Wednesday. And look. The Clintons understand that college students aren’t made of money, so they decided to charge students $500 to attend the event. A student could also get a picture with Chelsea for a small donation of $1,000 and could get access to the reception for $2,700.

Talk about a deal!

So $500 bare minimum. I mean, $500 is nothing to a broke college student, amirite?

Just kidding. Even college students– individuals famous for being progressive Clinton worshipping robots– thought it was ridiculous that Hillary would charge students hundreds of dollars to have a “conversation” with Chelsea.

“Although we certainly support Chelsea’s right to campaign on her mother’s behalf, we do not agree with Mrs. Clinton choosing to make this ‘conversation’ available exclusively to individuals who can afford or are willing to pay at least $500,” said Ethan Paul, vice president of College Progressives of Penn State, the newspaper reported Wednesday. “It is particularly deplorable that a $2,700 donation—the legal limit—gets a personal conversation with Mrs. Clinton.”


“Putting such an expensive price on involvement in elections really hurts college students who already feel there is no point to politics,” added College Progressive Secretary Kathryn Van Develde.

But listen, kids. Hillary understands you. She really does. And she thinks it’s ridiculous that you have to go into debt to just obtain a degree. Please pay $2,700 to talk to her about it.

h/t Washington Times


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