So That Anti-Muslim Guy Who Stabbed Three Men In Portland? He’s A Bernie Supporter.

You might have seen news reports yesterday of a stabbing that took place on a train in Portland. According to this, one man was yelling anti-Muslim slurs at a woman in a hijab while riding the train. When three other guys came to the woman’s defense, the first man stabbed all three, killing two.

The outrage was everywhere. People assumed that the guy was a white supremacist Trump supporter –

But then more details about the stabber, 35-year-old Jeremy Christian, came out. And it turns out that he was a big-time Bernie Bro –

He also voiced support for Jill Stein –

And he was kicked out of a pro-Trump free speech rally by Trump supporters who didn’t want him representing their point of view (I’m not sure if this is the same rally featured in the news clip above, but he is wearing a similar outfit, so maybe?)

Funny how we haven’t seen much coverage of this development in the media. I suspect that, in light of his real political views, nobody’s going to want to talk too much about this guy anymore.

(h/t MILO)


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