Liberals Conclude President Trump Supports Domestic Terrorism

Earlier today, someone plowed a vehicle into a crowd during the Charlottesville protests.

WARNING: This video is graphic.

The driver is in custody, and it ABSOLUTELY looked intentional.

In all, 19 people were injured, and one person died.

There’s still not much known about the driver, but some say this was a collaborated attack.

But once again, we don’t know for sure.

President Trump briefly addressed the public and condemned the “egregious display of hatred” from “all sides.” Yes– the disgusting white nationalists AND Antifa thugs. I’m assuming he didn’t address the driver who committed that horrendous attack specifically, because too much is still unknown.

Liberals have translated that to, “PRESIDENT TRUMP SUPPORTS DOMESTIC TERRORISM!!!!!”

No. Trump did not mobilize them.

Runs away? The press conference was over.

An apologist for domestic terrorism? Are you for real?

Are you kidding? No one’s giving these disgusting losers a free pass. We’ve been condemning them ALL DAY.

Friendly reminder.

Like I said before, I wish President Trump just freaking said, “white nationalists are despicable and I hate their guts” just to avoid this mess.

But ultimately–

Exactly. And I’m guessing that’s why Trump didn’t directly address it. It’s not because he supports domestic terrorism, idiots.

Again, nothing has been confirmed. We’re still waiting for facts to come out, but this is certainly an interesting thread.

We’ll see where this goes. But either way, the driver of the vehicle is a despicable piece of human waste. Period. I don’t care what side he aligns with.


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