Chelsea Manning Is Fighting Against Fascists With… Selfies And Emojis

Chelsea Manning Is Fighting Against Fascists With… Selfies And Emojis

The white nationalists who gathered in Charlottesville don’t reflect Christianity, conservatism or your average Trump supporter. Period. However, the left plans on characterizing the entire right as such.

I’m not owning this. I’m not taking responsibility for it. I shouldn’t have to. These people couldn’t be farther away from me. They’re not my people. They’re fringe weirdos and should be treated as such.

The group originally gathered to protest the city’s decision to remove a statue honoring Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, and if they did that peacefully, this would’ve been a slightly different story. But no. Chaos erupted and police ultimately declared it an “unlawful assembly” and ordered their dispersal.

You’d think the left and right would be able to come together and agree that these protesters don’t reflect America or the average Trump supporting American. In a sane world, that’d be the case. But we live in a world of constant division. The left is loving the chaos. They’re using it as fuel. It’s “proof” that we’re all legit Nazis.

Cue Chelsea Manning. OF COURSE he’s all over this. He’s SOOOOOO ready to fight against the fascists in his own girly and weird way! Watch out! Tough “gal” coming through!

1.) Is that supposed to be a “tough gal” pose, because #megafail. 2.) Does that fist = a call for…VIOLENCE?! (That’s how you liberal, right? I’m still practicing). 3.) What is with Chelsea’s obsession with emojis? He’s worse than a five-year-old girl playing with her mom’s iPhone. 4.) #WeGotThis? What does that even mean? What are you going to do, Chelsea? Emoji-fy everyone to death?

Slightly off topic, but this was an Actual Argument on that thread.

We are so doomed.


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