There’s Still Hope For Your Liberal College Student!

There’s Still Hope For Your Liberal College Student!

This is goooood. Watch it. Please.

I can relate to this entirely, because I have a VERY similar story. Many of you already know that I used to be a FLAMING liberal. My undergraduate degree? English, with a focus on Creative Writing. (Until I snapped the heck out of it and changed it to straight English by taking a few technical writing courses. PHEW!) I can talk the liberal talk, because I was one, and I was GREAT at it. I could spew EVERY talking point like a pro.

I watched this video, and immediately thought back to the first post I ever wrote for the Chicks.

College wasn’t much different. Safe-spaces and trigger warnings pervaded every conversation. Institutional racism and white privilege were hot-topic buzzwords everyone was itching to have a one-sided conversation about. I found it all a bit tiresome, but this was just the way things were. (After all, the fact that I was annoyed by constant rumblings of white privilege only proved my half-white privilege…or something.)


I gradually started pushing back. I knew all the canned liberal arguments and bumper-sticker-ready sayings by heart, as would any other of their little brainwashed pets…but they just weren’t clicking for me anymore. Once that first thread came unraveled, the entire liberal narrative that had framed much of my understanding was coming apart at the seams.


My friends rolled their eyes and giggled at me. I was so cynical lately. “OF COURSE you are oppressed, you silly goose! You’re a half-hispanic woman! SUPER DUPER OPPRESSED!” Only I didn’t feel oppressed, and it was all starting to reek of bull. I started fighting back, but I still hadn’t realized what it all meant. No one had actual responses to my questions. I was shut out entirely.


This is where my story takes a positive turn. I started hunting for the answers to those questions on my own. I started reading A LOT. I learned to reject the mainstream media and seek the actual truth. I learned what it means to be a conservative. I learned what it actually means to be a liberal. All of it was finally making sense. It wasn’t easy, but I soon came to the startling realization that I wasn’t cynical…I was RIGHT.

Sound familiar? It sounds VERY much like Ms. Stephens’ story above.

What I’m getting at is despite all the stuff we post about the hopeless youth of America… maybe there is hope.

Take it from Jay Stephens, and take it from me.




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