According To PETA, Dairy Products Are Sexist Against Female Cows

According To PETA, Dairy Products Are Sexist Against Female Cows

Ooooh, PETA, you sweet, silly moonbats you. (ok, maybe not so sweet)

It must be awfully interesting, living in a world where you publish things like this with a straight face.

Contrary to popular belief, female cows produce milk only when they’re pregnant or nursing. They make milk for the same reason that human women do: to feed their babies. Cows who are imprisoned on dairy farms are forcibly impregnated through artificial insemination again and again on rape racks. Rape racks. All for your milk, cheese, and yogurt.


Help end violence, reproductive control, and rape of females of animal species who desperately need us to speak up for them. Try delicious plant-based milk, vegan cheese, and dairy-free yogurt. Our vegan mentors can answer your questions and help you leave sexism off your plate.

Hear that? Dairy products are RAPE. Farmers are RAPING COWS FOR CHEESE. This is SEXIST because only GIRL COWS get raped for milk.

Also… this?

Cool, PETA. I totally get your point here.

Then, if you feel compelled to end cow sexism, they offer this handy-dandy button to click:

It’s like they gathered all the liberal buzzwords (sexism, rape, vegan) and made a crazy salad out of it.

Next stop, “Cows Are Muslim Refugees Being Raped For Cheese By The White Privilege Patriarchy, Hitler Trump, And Russia. Stop Sexist Racism, Go Vegan.”

It wouldn’t surprise me, at this point.


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