Former Navy SEAL Who Is Now Transgender Blasts Military Ban. Just One Problem…

Former Navy SEAL Who Is Now Transgender Blasts Military Ban. Just One Problem…

Safe to say that every leftist in the land and their cat has lost their collective sh** over the Trump administration announcing that they will no longer allow transgender people in the military. Even though the decision is a perfectly sound one – the military doesn’t exist to validate your FEEEEEELINGS, people. Not when there are threats to America to defeat and bad guys to take down.

Doesn’t stop the usual suspects from having an almighty freak out over it. Including this transgender woman, Kristen Beck, who served as a Navy SEAL and who is LIVID about the announcement –

Beck, who served in the military for 21 years, spoke out against the president on Wednesday after Trump said he wants transgender people barred from serving ‘in any capacity’.
‘Let’s meet face to face and you tell me I’m not worthy,’ Beck told Business Insider.
‘Transgender doesn’t matter. Do your service. I was defending individual liberty. I defended for Republicans. I defended for Democrats. I defended for everyone.’

What’s the problem with Kristen’s complaint? Only that she didn’t transition until two years AFTER her military service. She wasn’t transgender while also a Navy SEAL. She didn’t force the military to pay for her transitioning operations, nor did she throw a fit and force her presence into the female quarters.

Which is what this ban is about. It’s not on the military to provide accommodations for individuals transitioning from one gender to another. Whether it’s people demanding the military pay for sex-change surgery or forcing female soldiers to shower with a dude who insists he’s a chick – all of that is a distraction from the important work that the military does.

The military is not a social experiment. There’s a perfectly obvious and legitimate reason for that.

Like I mentioned in this post,┬ámy Facebook friends who have served in the military or who are currently serving have welcomed this announcement gladly. True, they’ve never made a big fuss about the transgender issue before, not as it pertains to military service at least. But if I had to guess (knowing these guys as I do), I get the feeling that it’s bad form for soldiers, etc. to publicly criticize their military leaders, no matter how much they disagree.

But ever since President Trump took office – not to mention since General Mattis took over as Secretary of Defense – I’ve noticed a shift in the mood of my military friends. It hasn’t been something they’ve made a big deal about, but it’s more of a general attitude that I’ve observed. The best I can describe it is “relief.” Relief that there are people in charge of the military who actually give a crap about those who serve, as well as what the American military stands for. Someone overseeing military operations in the government has their back. Someone that they are proud to defend (not that they wouldn’t have or didn’t do done their jobs under Obama, just out of sheer commitment. But it has to be tough to stick to your duty and your principles when your Commander in Chief treats you like a mangy dog all the time).

If this makes it easier for those military men and women to do the jobs they signed up to do, then I am all for it.


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