Sean Hannity: ‘Liberal Joe Is Desperate For Attention Now’

Sean Hannity: ‘Liberal Joe Is Desperate For Attention Now’

This Sean Hannity/Joe Scarborough feud isn’t going to end any time soon, is it?

Hannity and Scarborough have been going back and forth for what feels like forever. Last week, Hannity went off and insulted Scarborough’s freakishly high hair, because that’s what this entire thing has come to.

Yes. Scarborough’s hair is ridiculous, but Hannity should probably leave those petty, girly insults to us Chicks.

There was also this line, which I thought was pretty rough.

“Alright Joe. Never thought I’d say this. Watching that performance– don’t quit your day job,” Hannity said. “It’s cringe-inducing. Anyway. By the way, Fox still doesn’t want you. But if for some reason you get fired over at NBC, you’ve been sucking up to Jeff Zucker and kissing his ass. Maybe he’ll hire you.”


Hannity restarted the feud Monday morning.

At this point, you could literally replace Hannity’s Twitter handle with Donald Trump’s, and I wouldn’t notice the difference.


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