Remember All Those Times Reebok Objectified Women?

Over the weekend, the pearl-clutching virtue-signaling left freaked out because President Trump complimented France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron on being in “such good shape.” HOW DARE HE comment on Mrs. Macron’s looks! What a SEXIST!

Reebok infamously entered the fray by tweeting out this incredibly patronizing chart in order to left-splain when it is and isn’t okay for men to notice a woman’s looks.

Sadly, Reebok’s own track record of objectifying women isn’t exactly the most pristine. As evidenced by these advertising images

OMG. Do you think that Reebok is – GASP – suggesting that these women are in GOOD SHAPE? How sexist of them! This is HARASSMENT!

Pardon me if I don’t take Reebok’s virtue-signaling crap seriously. Kind of hard to do that when it’s coming from a company that advertised with an image of a woman wearing tennis shoes and nothing else.


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