The Majority Of Americans Apparently Want Trump To STOP TWEETING

According to this, 70% of Americans think Donald Trump’s behavior is unpresidential.

To which I would simply ask, “Um, isn’t that why he was elected in the first place?”  Hello.

But seriously, according to the ABC News/WaPo poll, Trump’s approval rating is sitting at 36%, which is basically the worst presidential approval rating in the history of approval ratings.  And 57% of Americans say that the more they hear about him, the less they like him.

Trump’s response?

And you can read more about why it’s inaccurate right here. 

Listen, I’m certainly not going to try and defend ANY poll, let alone one from ABC News/WaPo.  But Trump probably shouldn’t be trying to spin a sub-40 approval rating as “not bad at this time.”

Twitter, by the way, isn’t something the majority of Americans (according to the same poll) want to see Trump spending a lot of time on.  68% of those polled said his use of Twitter is inappropriate, and 65% said his tweets were insulting.  Only 41% of Republicans said Trump’s tweets are “refreshing.”

Every now and then, Trump will tweet something that doesn’t make me cringe, and I get all excited that maybe he’s turned a corner, but then he’ll tweet about bleeding facelifts and I get all cringey again.

A Bloomberg poll released this week had Trump reaching a 40% approval rating, which isn’t anything to brag about, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump tries to.

Now, I’m not trying to be all Captain Bringdown about Trump’s tweets, because I know some of his most ardent supporters love them, and they eat them up with a spoon and they love that he talks “directly to the people.”  I like that he wants to talk directly with us too – but I’d prefer if he had someone approve his tweets for public consumption before they went out.  Someone, for example, who’d say, “Hey – maybe saying that Obama wiretapped you isn’t a great idea without having evidence?”  Someone like that.

Trump thinks it’s just the “Fake MSM” who has an issue with his tweets:

I’m not part of the FAKE MSM.  I would just prefer Trump use social media in a more restrained way.

I’d much prefer he just do the work he said he’d do, maybe tweet out an update from time to time, and leave the thin-skinnedness and fights with Mika to others to handle.

And regardless of how accurate or inaccurate you might think polls are, there is no question that there are people out there, like me, who want desperately to support the president, but who are tired of constantly having to be put in the position of excusing and/or defending his sometimes inexcusable/indefensible behavior.

Just being real here, y’all.


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