“I’m Embarrassed For The Cloud That Has To Store Your Dong.”

Listen – I’m no fan of Chelsea Handler’s.  In fact, I’d categorize myself as an anti-fan.  Most of the time, she gets on every single one of my nerves, and then she sort of sets up shop there, and lounges around on them, and then she twists them up and tangles them and gets them all irritated, to the point where just the sight of her pinched, seahaggery face makes me want to punch something. Add a “Resist” t-shirt to the mix? UGGGGGGHHHH.

HOWEVER, I have to agree with her on the whole dick pic phenomenon.

Nobody wants to see your dick pic. New @chelseashow streaming on #Netflix

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If you’re a dude who has ever sent a dick pic to a woman, or thought about sending a dic pic to a woman, explain yourself at once.

Daisy and I have been on the receiving end of dick pics, and typically once we’re finished dry heaving, we just mock the ever loving CRAP out of the picture. It literally makes no difference what it looks like. You could have the most perfect penis specimen God ever created, and WE STILL WOULDN’T WANT IT TEXTED OR EMAILED TO US, because we are NORMAL.

If you’re sending a dick pic, please consider just hiring a full audience to point and laugh at you, because ultimately, the end result is pretty similar.

Consider this your friendly PSA for the day.


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