Bernie Sanders’s Wife Blames Sexism For Her FBI Investigation

Bernie Sanders’s Wife Blames Sexism For Her FBI Investigation

Who does Jane Sanders think she is? Hillary Clinton?

(You know… that might help explain a few things.)

According to this, Mrs. Grandpa Socialism is LIVID that people want to talk about the FBI investigation into her alleged bank fraud from her time as president of the now-defunct Burlington College. Evidently, Jane has been taking cues from another noted high-profile criminal in politics and decided to out any accusation to deflect attention from the investigation, including the old claim of sexism –

“I find it incredibly sexist that basically he’s going after my husband by destroying my reputation, and that’s not OK,” she said in her first interview about the man responsible for an FBI probe that centers on her leadership at Burlington College, a small liberal arts school on Lake Champlain that she led from 2004 to 2011. The college closed last year as it struggled to pay its creditors and lost its accreditation.

Wait – backup a moment. Jane Sanders engaged in criminal activity as president of a small college in Vermont that caught the attention of the FBI. And she thinks the investigation is sexist and is trying to destroy her husband’s political career? Like, she doesn’t think that her actions warrant a criminal investigation??

If you can follow that line of logic, you’re as dumb as the college kids who love socialism, but have no idea what it really is.

It’s so cute that leftists think that a woman could NEVER commit any crimes and that all investigations into their wrongdoing are motivated by sexism. It was the same thing when Hillary Clinton was being investigated by the FBI and all her slobbering sycophants just screamed about sexism and misogyny whenever the topic came up. Queen Hillary can do no wrong! First Woman President! You’re just scared of a woman!

Same sort of thing here, only Jane Sanders is hiding behind Bernie’s political skirt and trying to make herself out to be a poor, picked-on victim because of her gender (like that means a blasted thing in the first place).

Memo to feminists – if you want women to be seen as capable of anything men are capable of doing, that sometimes is going to include criminal actions. You do your movement no favors by claiming that every accusation and investigation into a woman breaking the law is simply because the EEEEEEVIL patriarchy hates anything with boobs and a uterus.

Then again, feminism have devalued women to be nothing more than their reproductive organs anyway. I shouldn’t be surprised.

(h/t Twitchy)


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