Two Transgenders Claim To Be The First ‘Men’ To Give Birth In Britain

Two Transgenders Claim To Be The First ‘Men’ To Give Birth In Britain

Two transgender men are claiming the title of “the first man to give birth in Britain.”

The first individual claiming this title? Scott Parker, 23. Scott lived as a woman until 2015 and has lived as a man ever since. But I guess that didn’t go too well, because someone knocked her up after a one-night stand. She gave birth to her daughter, Sara, on April 29. She’s been “chestfeeding” her and everything.

Photo via the Daily Mail:

Oh. And she goes by “Mx”– not “Mr.” Scott’s partner plans to adopt Sara. She’s also a woman who is transitioning to a man. So basically, this sweet child is being raised by two lesbians who actually pretend to be two gay dudes.

That won’t have any kind of significant psychological impact on her. Nope. Not at all.

Meanwhile, another chick who thinks she’s a dude, Hayden Cross, 21, gave birth to her daughter Trinity-Leigh (she became pregnant through a sperm donor). Hayden’s already hoping she’ll be a “daddy’s girl.”

“Being a dad all came naturally to me,” Hayden said, according to the Daily Mail. “As soon as I held her my paternal instincts just kicked in.”

Erm, no. Those would be maternal instincts.

“I care for her as any single dad would,” she said.

Riiiiight. Because all single dads regularly slap their breasts down with chest binders.

“I wanted a boy at first but now I am so glad I had a girl,” she continued. “Now she can be a daddy’s girl.”

So, here’s the beef. Who’s REALLY the first British dude to give birth? Who has the title? Because it’s not just about who gave birth first. It’s about who was more of a “man” at the time of the birth.

Good thing I’m here to provide an answer! I hate to break it to both of these dude chicks, but neither of them can have that title, because neither of them are Actual Men. I know this may come as a surprise, but biological men cannot give birth.

Sorry about that. The quest for the first pregnant man continues!

h/t Daily Mail


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