Sen. McConnell Delays The Senate Vote On The GOP Health Care Bill

Sen. McConnell Delays The Senate Vote On The GOP Health Care Bill

Sen. John McCain underwent a surprise surgery Friday and had a 5-centimeter blood clot removed from above his left eye. According to a statement from the Mayo Clinic, McCain is “resting comfortably at home and is in good condition.” He’ll remain in Arizona for the next week, recovering from the procedure. Of course, we wish him well and hope he bounces back 100%.

However, because of his absence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was forced to delay the controversial health care bill vote. They’re already not sure if they can pass it as is anyway, but without McCain, there’s no chance.

“Elaine and I, along with the entire Senate family, wish John the very best and wish him a speedy recovery,” McConnell said in a statement. “While John is recovering, the Senate will continue our work on legislative items and nominations and will defer consideration of the Better Care Act.”

Hopefully senators will take this time to continue to work on the bill and make it something that can freaking pass. Meanwhile, Twitter’s making jokes.

Look, I understand that the GOP plan isn’t what we– conservatives– wanted. It leaves too much of Obamacare in place. I’m with Sen. Paul on that. But I can’t stand hearing entitled liberals shout, “DEATH CARE!” every five minutes anymore. No. The GOP is not going to kill people, and yes, Obamacare is failing. Blame yourselves. Democrats gave us this mess. Democrats.


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