CNN’s Jim Acosta Says The Term ‘Fake News’ Is ‘Bad For Our Democracy’

CNN’s Jim Acosta Says The Term ‘Fake News’ Is ‘Bad For Our Democracy’

Poor Jim Acosta. Ever since President Trump called him “fake news,” his life hasn’t been the same. He’s always on edge. The term “fake news” triggers him at his core. It doesn’t matter that CNN continues to obsess over Trump/Russia collusion when there’s no evidence of such. It doesn’t matter that CNN employees admitted it’s a whole bunch of nothing. It doesn’t matter that CNN devotes entire segments to the number of ice cream scoops President Trump gets in comparison to everyone else. Stop calling CNN “fake news.” You’re damaging the country!

Wait a second– remind me who originally coined the term “fake news”? Oh, that’s right. The DEMOCRATS. Weird. The term wasn’t “bad for our democracy” back then. (It’s a representative republic actually, but whatever.) I wonder why that is…

These responses are on fire.

Sorry Acosta. You’re not a victim. You’ve caused this. The Jim Acostas of the world act like they’re the only individuals championing the First Amendment. Not true. Members of the media are supposed to serve as a check on authority, but they’ve shown that they completely suck at that job. Therefore, someone needs to constantly hold them accountable. But that, according to Acosta, is dangerous and bad for our republic.

Criticizing CNN is bad for our country. That’s basically what he’s saying.


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