Are You One Of The People Buying This Family’s Products? EXPLAIN YOURSELF AT ONCE.

Why? Why are people paying to keep this horrific family at the forefront of the American conscience? Why?

According to this, Kim Kardashian’s new KKW makeup line goes on sale this Wednesday at 9am PST. And because our world is filled with pathetic sheep who actually look UP to her, inexplicably, early estimates indicate that the entire line of 300,000 units will sell out in under five minutes, and Kim Kardashian will instantly be $14.4 million richer.

Just like that.

A few months ago, Kim and her younger sister Kylie (who’s also made millions from her own cosmetic, sports, and swimwear lines), collaborated on a lip kit that sold out in just a few minutes and made them $13.5 million in sales.

I am happy to say that I don’t know anyone personally (at least, not anyone who’s admitted to it) who would spend Actual Money on any Kardashian product, but obviously there are plenty of people out there who will. I just want to know why. Why are you helping this family succeed? Why are you keeping them in the limelight? Why do you want them to be so powerful and influential? WHY?

The only time the Kardashians should ever be the focus of conversation is when they’re being mocked for being the vapid, empty, skanked-out family that they are.  You know, like the way we converse about them on this site. 🙂

They are the worst of humanity. And if you’re helping keep them in the lap of luxury, please explain yourself at once.  Don’t tell me it’s because their products are good, because you shouldn’t even be TRYING them, and there are a zillion other cosmetic products out there that do the same thing, only without lining the pockets of this horrible family.

This is how I know we’re doomed.


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