Man Drives Car Into Police Roadblock In Paris, Weapons Found In Car

Man Drives Car Into Police Roadblock In Paris, Weapons Found In Car

Am I the only one tired of this crap yet?

According to this, there’s been another “incident” (authorities aren’t calling it a terrorist attack yet) in Paris. This one took place near Champs-Elysees which, if you recall, was the site of a confirmed terror attack back in April.

This attack involved a man deliberately driving a car into a police roadblock near an art exhibition taking place in the area. Initial reports indicated that the man had been “immobilized” by the crash, but the reports were later updated to say that he died when the car exploded –

A French security official says that the attacker on Champs-Elysees avenue is probably dead and the bomb squad is on the scene.

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet says the driver whose car exploded as he tried to ram a police vehicle is “most probably” dead.

Brandet said bomb squads were still securing the scene. He said the attacker appeared to have acted deliberately.

Oh, and authorities found weapons and explosives in his car too. Because THAT just makes the whole situation all the better –

While the name of the driver has not been released, authorities have said that the man was 31 years old and had been flagged for extremism –

Two French police officials say the man who rammed into a police convoy on Paris’ Champs-Elysees was a 31-year-old man from a Paris suburb who had been flagged for extremism.

The officials identified the man as from the suburb of Argenteuil, and said he had an “S” file, which means authorities had been aware of potential links to extremism.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation into Monday’s incident.

So, they knew about this guy? Freaking lovely…

Attendees of the art exhibit were instructed to remain in the building while the police conducted their investigation. Some of those people have spoken to the press about the incident and this quote from a mother and her daughter breaks my heart (either that, or it makes me want to tear my hair out) –

Victoria Boucher and daughter Chrystel said they’re hoping the Champs-Elysees reopens soon. They came in from the suburb of Cergy-Pontoise for a Paris visit and weren’t afraid to go to the famed avenue.

Chrystel said that “we were better off inside than outside.” But both agreed as the mother said, “unfortunately we now are used to this.”

“The show must go on,” the daughter said in English. “They won’t win.”

“Unfortunately we are now used to this.” As in, ordinary French people have taken this kind of thing as their “new normal.” Another day, another bizarre (possibly terrorist) attack in their city. Another explosion? Another scene of cars being used as weapons? More images of bodies lying immobile in the road? Eh, no big deal. Just another day in France. Or England. Or Germany. Wherever. Death and destruction – we’re just used to it by now.

And the sad thing is, I’m even getting used to this. It’s not even huge breaking news anymore. I’ve started to become numb and desensitized to it as well. Maybe five or ten years ago, this would have been more shocking. But we’ve all come to the point where we almost expect it to happen. And nothing is going to be done to prevent it or figure out the causes. Just wait until the smoke clears, get the bodies out of the way, and carry on with life until the next one happens and we break out the hashtags and promises of thoughts and prayers and somber faces.

It sucks and it’s depressing. And I’m sick of it.


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