London Ambulance Services Report Number Of Injured Near Finsbury Park Mosque

London Ambulance Services Report Number Of Injured Near Finsbury Park Mosque

We’ve been following the Finsbury Park attack in London. If you haven’t heard, some piece of human excrement decided that it would be a great idea to plow a van into a group of people leaving a mosque after Ramadan prayers after midnight. Reports say that one of the drivers exclaimed “I want to kill all Muslims.”

Yeah, because THAT’S going to help make things better between Muslims and everybody else. Lemme tell ya.

The London Ambulance services released a statement detailing their involvement in the incident, including how many people were taken to the hospital and how many medics were on the scene. Earlier eyewitness reports estimated that about ten people were injured on the scene, but this gives an official indication of how things are currently –

Eight patients treated at the scene, three were taken to the hospital. That’s certainly not good, though not quite as bad as initially thought. Sixty medics on the scene, though? That indicates that it might have been worse.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m getting tired of this. I don’t particularly care which “side” or ideology starts it, it’s stupid and dangerous and I can’t condemn it strongly enough – both personally and as one of the Chicks on the Right.

These are HUMAN BEINGS, for heaven’s sake! How can we condemn death and destruction from one set of crazed lunatics, but not from another? Whether it’s in the name of religion or for any other ill-conceived reason, it’s wrong. Flat-out.

Reports did say that one of the drivers was arrested, but two more might have escaped. If there are others involved in this disgusting act, I hope they find and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. This is BEYOND unacceptable.


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