J.K. Rowling Attempts To Troll Right-Wingers Over The Finsbury Park Terrorist Attack

J.K. Rowling loves weighing in on the hot topics of the day on Twitter. It’s always interesting to see what she has to say. (And by that I mean, her commentary makes me want to pull my hair out.)

Rowling typically gets pretty vocal after terrorist attacks. That’s consistent. But you know what’s not consistent? The way she reacts. Take, for instance, her reaction to the Manchester terrorist attack.

That’s right. She sent out a PSA to newspaper editors. The thread basically argued that reporters need to be sensitive to the victims, and not– you know– harass them. Most sane people agree with that. However, others called Rowling out for virtue-signaling. They argued that people need to know the reality and magnitude of terrorists attacks. It’s not wrong to ask questions. Rowling basically condemned newspaper editors for their conduct before the Actual Terrorists, and that’s why her reaction rubbed so many people the wrong way.

That’s not the first time Rowling’s directed her outrage at individuals other than the Actual Terrorists. After the London terrorist attacks, she briefly called the terrorists “thugs” and proceeded to lash out at those condemning radical Islamic terrorism.

Wow. She was pretty upset by President Trump’s words. Who cares if there are terrorist attacks like, all the time. He’s just an alarmist blowhard.

And who could forget the one time Rowling fought with Piers Morgan after he suggested that a crapton of refugees are radicalized?

She still hasn’t housed any refugees in her mansion. I have no idea why.

That brings us to the latest terrorist attack. As we told you last night, a white man driving a van mowed down Muslims in Finsbury Park. Witnesses say he shouted “I’m going to kill all Muslims” and “I did the job… I done my bit.”

We still don’t have any further information on the suspect (other than the fact that he’s a white guy in his mid-40s), but it definitely appears to be some sort of sick revenge attack, which is COMPLETELY unacceptable in every sense of the word. YOU DON’T KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE, PERIOD. I don’t care what religion you adhere to or what color your skin happens to be.

Of course, the left is using this attack to make the point that #NotAllMuslims are murderous psychos, which, WE KNOW. We never said they all were. The Islamic religion at its core is murderous and awful, but I completely acknowledge that there are many Muslims out there who have a reformed, civilized interpretation. But it’s absolutely absurd to deny that there is an organized extremist wing that is embracing the bloodthirsty pillars of the religion. That’s not happening in other religions. We don’t have a bunch of Baptist terrorists launching attacks every few weeks.

But lefties– like J.K Rowling– are using this terrorist attack as a “told you so” moment and trolling those who regularly speak out against Islamic terrorism.

Who is victim-blaming? We’re certainly not.

Weird. I don’t remember Rowling being so sensitive about word choice in the prior terrorist attacks.

HA– get it? Because after Islamic terrorists commit attacks, we always try to find out how they were radicalized. So…yeah, I don’t know. I see what she’s trying to do here. Obviously, this terrorist is a batsh*t piece of scum, but there’s no widespread case of “anti-Muslim terrorist cells” embedding themselves in the West. So it’s kind of absurd to compare one case to another. Rowling knows that. She has to. Also, is she suggesting that Nigel Farage inspired that loser to run over Muslims? Because wow.

Yep. She gets it. She’s just trolling at this point. She knows darn well what she’s doing. Hey– remember that one time she tweeted out a photo of a radical imam after the last Islamic terrorist attack and…oh wait…DIDN’T HAPPEN.

Also, there was this exchange.

Wait a second– expressing concern over refugees coming into our countries is stirring up resentment? And that’s leading white men to commit terrorist attacks against innocent Muslims? Is that what she’s subtly trying to say here?

Yep. It is.

I’m sorry, but recognizing that Islam has an extremist problem isn’t stereotyping Muslims. That’s a FACT OF LIFE.

Rowling knows the truth. She’s just trying to use this situation to troll her political opponents. She knows darn well there’s no widespread case of white Christians males calling for the death of innocent Muslims.

Let me state this again. The suspect who carried out this attack is a vile piece of terrorist garbage. But PLEASE acknowledge that there’s no widespread terrorist movement clinging to another religion. Islam still has an extremist problem. This awful attack doesn’t change that simple fact.

h/t Twitchy


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