CNN’s Anti-Trump Poll Question Backfires BIG TIME

CNN’s Anti-Trump Poll Question Backfires BIG TIME

Now, this “poll” isn’t scientific at all. It’s just one of those informal things that CNN threw up on their website and whoever wants to can respond. The findings here should in no way be taken as gospel truth.

That being said – if CNN really wanted to gauge their readers’ opinions on this subject, maaaaaaaybe they should have gone with a slightly more accurate way of reporting it. Or if their goal was to make the president look bad (and who’s to say it wasn’t?) they could have come up with a different methodology.

Either way, it’s a chance to laugh at CNN. I’ll take it.

According to this, CNN put up a survey question asking people if they thought President Trump should be investigated for obstruction of justice. They even found a picture of the president looking like a great big arrogant meanie to go along with the question – just so people would remember what a total jerk President Trump is (that is, as far as CNN believes he’s a jerk) –

The poll results? Likely not what the hacks at CNN wanted to see –

Well… that’s kind of embarrassing for CNN. Even their own readers won’t agree with their slant.

Do you think they’ll finally get the hint and stop pushing this stupid narrative? Probably not. It’s the media in the age of Trump. Again, the media got 2016 horribly wrong, but they’re not about to admit that to ANYBODY. So, it’s always going to be about how awful this president is and making his job harder than it needs to be.

And the media wonders why we can’t stand them.


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