CBS News Wants Everyone To Know That It Was Rep. Steve Scalise’s Fault For Getting Shot

CBS News Wants Everyone To Know That It Was Rep. Steve Scalise’s Fault For Getting Shot

Dear CBS News – let us count all the ways in which you absolutely SUCK.

Rep. Steve Scalise is still in the hospital being treated for gunshot wounds he suffered at the hands of a madman last Wednesday. You would think that would call for some sensitivity and discretion in talking about the incident and those involved.

But because these are Republicans and the media is patently dishonest about ANYTHING to do with people with an “R” next to their name, it’s free game.

CBS News’s Scott Pelley offered this oh-so-balanced, objective, and not-at-all-biased-against-the-right assessment of the situation. In his not-so-humble-opinion – Rep. Scalise’s wounds were self-inflicted. He and all the other Republicans on that baseball fieldĀ deserved to be shot because of his politics. Because CBS News said so –

Sure. That’s it. And a rape victim is at fault because the skirt she wore was too short.

See – it’s not the gunman’s fault. It’s not even Democrats who call for blood and death in the streets. It’s theĀ Republicans and President Trump who incite political violence. Their words and votes make leftists so upset that they have to pick up a gun, leave their homes and families, travel across multiple state lines, and stalk areas where they know a large group of Republican lawmakers are going to be so they can kill as many as possible.

Yep. It’s all the Republicans’ fault. They should just stop trying to enact the government policies that voters elected them to do and let the Democrats runs things. That’s what would make Scott Pelley happy. And AS WE ALL KNOW, what Scott Pelley wants is automatically good for the rest of the country.


Hey, here’s an idea – let’s wonder about other famous figures who were targets for assassination. Should we blame Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King, Jr. for being murdered at the hands of insane nutters who hated them for their politics and opinions? Let’s rewrite the history books to make sure future generations of Americans know that these men were at fault for their own deaths.

Better yet – tell regular people that they better not say or do anything that runs contrary to what Our Almighty Overlords in media believe. That might inspire some lunatic to come after them too.

I sound like I’m being sarcastic (and to an extent, I am), but I’m just following Pelley’s logic to its natural conclusion. I’m sure that he and the majority of his fellow media hacks would LOVE for Republicans to cower under their desks in the fear that one vote or another could mean they’d become targets for death.

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