Ben Shapiro And Sean Hannity Are Fighting Over Protesters Disrupting ‘Julius Caesar’

Over the weekend, Kimber told you about another “conservative” protester disrupting NYC’s controversial “Julius Caesar” play. You know– the play where Caesar looks eerily like President Trump?

I completely agree with my sister chick’s take. Conservatives are better than that. I know leftists are nasty, whiny and emotionally-driven, but we AREN’T. We have facts, logic and reason on our side. We’re level-headed. Leave the Alinsky tactics to the liberals.  We don’t need to stoop to their level.

If you have a problem with liberals shutting down speech they don’t like, you should ALSO have a problem with “conservatives” shutting down speech they don’t like. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t resort to their childish tactics. We ARE better than that.

Of course, conservatives are divided on this. We can’t just freaking AGREE on anything these days. There’s always controversy. It sucks, because now is not the time to split up.

Cue Ben Shapiro and Sean Hannity.

So much back and forth.

Of course, Laura Loomer– the first conservative to interrupt the play– decided to jump in too.

Not what we need, conservatives. Not. What. We. Need.


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