“Conservative” Protesters Have Disrupted Trump Play AGAIN – And I’m Not OK With It

“Conservative” Protesters Have Disrupted Trump Play AGAIN – And I’m Not OK With It

Everyone’s been all excited about some protestors rushing the stage at the NYC production of Julius Caesar where Trump gets assassinated. It happened again tonight, and I have to finally speak up…. I think it’s pathetic. We’re better than this.

According to Gateway Pundit (who’s all about this):

On Friday night the two conservative activists interrupted the play.

Laura Loomer from Rebel Media attended the performance and ruined the liberal fun.
Laura rushed the stage and started screaming “Stop Leftist Violence!!”
This went on for over half a minute.

Tonight marked the play’s final performance, and a similar situation unfolded:

This is absolutely unnacceptable.

Why? Well, it’s the same ridiculous attitude we condemn the Left for. If we’re going to complain about leftists silencing people like Milo and Ann Coulter on college campuses WE CANNOT turn around and pull sh*t like this. We are becoming snowflakes in our own right. We are stomping and screaming and thrashing about to silence messages we don’t like. Do you not see the problem here?

Don’t go to the play, boycott the play, hold signs up IN FRONT of the play, speak up against the play in every way you can but DO NOT forcibly silence them, or you are no better than the safe-space snowflakes we rally against.

Some will say “let’s fight fire with fire.” No, absolutely not. That’s the thing. We have REASON on our side. We have FACTS. We have LOGIC. WE ARE RIGHT. We cannot resort to the left’s absurd, infantile tactics, at the risk of becoming that which we condemn.

It’s tough to resist the feel-good gotcha-ness of it all. But for the sake of our cause, you have to. Remember what we stand for. This is not it.


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