‘Last Man Standing’ Studio Looking For A New Home For The Show

‘Last Man Standing’ Studio Looking For A New Home For The Show

If you’re a fan of Last Man Standing and you’re still ticked off the ABC canceled the insanely popular comedy, there may be a glimmer of hope.

According to this, the presidents of 20th Century Fox (the studio that produces the show) have said that they are shopping the show around to other networks and distributors. Both studio presidents, Jonnie Davis and Howard Kurtzman, echoed star Tim Allen’s sentiments that they had no idea that ABC was thinking of canceling it –

Speaking to Variety Thursday, studio presidents Jonnie Davis and Howard Kurtzman said that they were surprised by ABC’s decision to pull the plug on the show.

“That’s the one that’s really an open sore right now,” Davis said. Kurtzman added, “We really were expecting a pickup. The fact that we didn’t get a pickup was a surprise and a disappointment. I think no one was more disappointed than Tim Allen, such a huge star with such a huge following.”

Of course, ABC’s downplaying the furor over the cancellation, saying it was a scheduling decision. To which I say – BS. If it really was a matter of scheduling, you can certainly find a place for a such a highly-rated show on a different night. You don’t have to outright cancel it.

Then again, these are the mental giants who thought renewing a flagging show like Once Upon A Time for a completely unnecessary seventh season was a good idea (trust me – with the mass exodus of main cast and a wrapped-up storyline, there is nowhere else for that show to go, except down the tubes. And I say this as someone who’s a fan).

Anyway – ABC sucks and we all know it. No shock there.

But the good news is that ABC isn’t the only horse in town. Davis and Kurtzman have been thinking of shopping LMS around to other networks – and have even entertained the possibility of offering the show to streaming services like Netflix –

 Asked whether “Last Man Standing” would be shopped to other networks, Kurtzman said, “We’re starting to explore that. If it’s not going to go forward at ABC, of course Jonnie and I are hopeful that we can find another home for it.”


Some streaming services have seen recent success with multi-cams, such as Netflix with “Fuller House” and “The Ranch.”

And the studio heads are encouraged by the fan support that they’ve seen for the show since ABC confirmed its cancellation last week. “We know how passionate our fans are, and we’re seeing that now,” Davis said.

Now, it’s still not a done-deal. Getting a new home for the show may be difficult, since it’s not an entirely brand-new show and after six established seasons, many networks might not be eager to spend so much money on it. But the fact that the studio heads are working to give the show new life AND the fact that fans have been so vocal about it has to count for something.

I’ve mentioned before that I never really got into Last Man Standing. Though I do appreciate that such a show not only existed, but was popular. After slogging through hours and hours of leftist dreck on TV, it was nice to know that a show about a conservative guy who was actually funny and relatable was out there. It was like a cool drink of water to a wide chunk of the population who’s been ignored by the entertainment industry for decades. It was different and new and OF COURSE it was going to be popular with people. And OF COURSE canceling it at the height of its popularity was going to be seen as a political slap in the face to the fans.

Clearly, politics is more important than money to ABC. But it’s their loss. Hope they enjoy shoving their languishing shows into LMS’s old Friday night spot.

So, don’t despair, Last Man Standing fans. If anything, keep up the demand for the show. The studio heads are listening. And they’re working on it.



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