Joe Biden Never Thought That Hillary Was The Right Candidate For The Democrats

Joe Biden Never Thought That Hillary Was The Right Candidate For The Democrats

In retrospect, it’s a good thing that Joe never acted on this impulse. We could very well have ended up with “President Joe Biden.”


According to this, during a speaking event in Las Vegas, Joe Biden told a big audience of people that he “never thought she [Hillary Clinton] was the correct candidate.” And that he should have been the Democrats’ nominee for president –

Coming from a guy who never even declared his candidacy for president, that’s pretty rich. And sure, at the time he cited family reasons for his reluctance to enter the race and everyone – Democrats included – accepted his decision.

But it kind of makes me wonder – and this is pure speculation on my part – if the DNC told him point-blank not to get into the race because they were so committed to Queen Hillary. They had no problem in bringing down Bernie in the primary election. But Joe Biden is fairly well-liked by the Democrat machine (they have pretty low standards, admittedly). It would probably have been political suicide to show overt favoritism to Hillary Clinton over Joe Biden, tearing the party asunder and alienating their base.

Which is what happened anyway with the Bernie Bros. So, never mind.

But there you go. The last Democrat vice president openly admits that Hillary Clinton was a crappy candidate. I can only hope that other Democrats follow suit, because this obscene nonsense about how Donald Trump wasn’t fairly elected president and that Russia meddled in the election has absolutely got to stop. The Democrats need to realize (and openly admit) that the American people rejected their insane policies and their insane candidate in favor of someone who was totally removed from the Washington DC bubble. Voters are sick of their stupidity and it’s time for some soul-searching and introspection and taking responsibility for their poor choices.

Or, you know, they could just gin up some other stupid non-scandal to make themselves feel important, but continues to alienate the regular people whose very support they need.


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