The Internet Mocks Ivanka Trump’s Blank Name Plate

Ivanka Trump held a meeting at the White House on human trafficking on Wednesday. It’s something a lot of people are passionate about, so one would think this wouldn’t be controversial.

One would think. Leave it to the left to find a reason to mock Ivanka in this situation.

Let’s start here. Do you notice anything mock-worthy about this picture?

No? Look closer.

See it now? Her name plate doesn’t have a title. Probably because she does a little bit of everything, which is pretty remarkable.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.18.53 PM

Cue the left.

HA! Get it? Because her dad is orange like a Cheeto? And she’s married to him! Or wait– no. That’s not right.

It never ends. And for the record, her title is “Assistant to the President.”

Suck it, haters.

h/t Daily Mail


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