Conservatives Troll Planned Parenthood With #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

Conservatives Troll Planned Parenthood With #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan

Any day I get to help expose Planned Parenthood (as the heartless organization it truly is) is a good day in my book.

This morning, I hopped on Twitter and noticed #NewPlannedParenthoodSlogan trending. I knew it had to be good, and I was right. Conservative Twitter did not disappoint.

Oh yeah. PP actually thought it was a good idea to promote itself using the word “slay.”

Of course, insufferable libs tried to rescue Planned Parenthood. They really didn’t do themselves any favors.

We will? Wow. I had no idea.

Right! Planned Parenthood is the ONLY thing standing between your ladyparts and the wrath of the patriarchy!

Harassment? Who’s harassing who?

Wait? So you’re horrified by people making “jokes” about dead babies, but not PP actually murdering babies?

Oh yeah. We’re totes cool with the mass murder of innocent civilians. Lemme tell ya.

So the government doesn’t have a responsibility to defend the inherent rights of innocent lives?

There’s more where that came from.

Isn’t it interesting? Liberals are more outraged over pro-lifers making “jokes” about the reality of Planned Parenthood than the fact that Planned Parenthood ACTUALLY DOES THESE HORRIFIC THINGS.


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