Brooklyn Public Library Invites Drag Queens To Tell Stories To Kids

Brooklyn Public Library Invites Drag Queens To Tell Stories To Kids

In my pre-Chick life, I worked as a librarian for my local public library system. It was one of my favorite jobs ever! I got to interact with a lot of different people, talk up my favorite books, run library programs – there was so much good about it. While I love being a full-time Chick on the Right, there are times that I do miss my library days (even with all the leftist politics that went with it).

Here’s the thing about libraries: They are supposed to be a reflection of the communities they serve. If the community has certain values and standards, then the librarians running the library should work hard to provide materials and programming that encourage those values. Every area is different. Shoot, even within one library system (like the one I worked for), you could have two libraries within the same system that are completely different from each other – different material collections, different programming ideas, different schedules to suit the needs of the people. Because the populations they serve are completely different.

So when I see stories like this – where the Brooklyn Public Library is inviting drag queens to tell stories to children – I wonder what in the world is Brooklyn thinking?

Yep. You read that right –

“Drag Queen Story Hour,” as it’s called, has been happening at the Brooklyn Public Library since last fall. As its name indicates, it brings in drag queens to read stories to kids. Performers like Ona Louise, Cholula Lemon and Lil Hot Mess come to the library to read classic stories that show the things kids and drag queens have in common—like a love of drama, sass and sparkle.

“Drag Queen Story Hour captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity in childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” the library writes on its website.

Kat Savage, a children’s librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library, tells the AP that that program has been largely well-received—and Lil Hot Mess adds that it’s a chance for two groups who rarely come together to meet.

The fact that this is something sponsored by the public library and that it’s been well-received by the public just flat-out depresses me. Whatever happened to puppet shows and bringing in zoo animals or kids’ book clubs, guys? Has Brooklyn become so depraved that even the youngest kids need to have “Lil Hot Mess” come read them their morning story?

Maybe it’s a reflection of our hyper-sexualized culture or maybe Brooklyn is just as bonkers as we’ve been told. Or maybe this whole “diversity” and “inclusion” bullcrap has gone waaaaaaay too far.

Drag queen storytime for kids. What the actual hell??


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