It’s Official: The Fashion Industry Is Drunk

Need someone to accompany you on a shopping spree for whatever reason? I’m your girl. Back in March, I traveled to the Mall of America and stayed at a hotel IN THE MALL for three days. Willingly. That’s right. I didn’t leave a mall for three days. I am that person.

So to say that I love fashion and shopping is an understatement. My hobbies include filling my shopping cart online and talking myself out of spending money on stuff I don’t need.

Needless to say, I’ve run into quite a few atrocious trends throughout the course of my¬†shopping endeavors. Take, for instance, what I discovered while browsing on Forever 21’s website last night. I was searching for shoes and stumbled upon these plastic nightmares:


That’s right. Feast your eyes on some THIGH HIGH PLASTIC BOOTS BABY.

Thigh-highs not your style? That’s fine. Forever 21 has ya covered.



Unfortunately, the fashion faux pas continue. Y Project has created detachable jeans. They attach at the crotchular area and magically transform into skimpy sexy shorts in mere seconds.



By the way, it’s not a seamless attachment. Since it only attaches in the crotchular area, skin shows at all times.



You can own a pair of these super chic detachable pants too! It’ll only set you back $440!

Well, what are you waiting for? Imagine how fashion forward you’ll look, pairing these detachable jeans with Forever 21’s tall clear heel boots!

h/t Daily Mail


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