Maxine Waters Blames The Kremlin For Thinking Up The Phrase ‘Crooked Hillary’

It’s like Maxine Waters gets up in the morning and sees Russians sneaking up behind her in the bathroom mirror.

According to this, Maxine Waters is now claiming that Vladimir Putin is responsible for cooking up the phrase “Crooked Hillary” that Donald Trump used during the 2016 campaign. Because there is absolutely nothing in Hillary’s background that would ever explain how corrupt and dishonest and crooked she really is (pay no attention to the private email servers, the Clinton Foundation, the Benghazi scandal, or anything else Team Clinton has tried to cover up).

And of course she went on MSNBC to spew this nonsense –

Okaaaaaaay Maxine… time for you to go with the nice young men in white scrubs. They’ll get you your morning medication and then you can have a nap… it’s going to be okay.

So… either Donald Trump is such a colossal idiot that he needs Putin to think up catchy phrases for him to use in a campaign, or Trump is a scheming, conniving politician who is looking to get as much power as he can and turn his presidency into a tyrannical regime.

Which is it, Democrats? Make up your fricking minds. It can’t be both.

Maxine needs to just stop.


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