Hillary STILL Refuses To Admit That She Was A Terrible Candidate, Blames Comey And WikiLeaks

I swear, we’re going to be hearing this until the end of time. And even then, the Queen will still find a way to not shut her piehole about it.

Hillary Clinton was on CNN whining about how she lost the election because of (are you ready for this?)… James Comey and WikiLeaks. For. Real.


Seriously – how many times do we have to say it? You were a crappy candidate. You ignored working-class people in the Midwest. You were too busy ordering fireworks displays and planning your victory party to give a crap about anyone else outside of your leftist bubble. The media kissed your butt, Hollywood fawned over you, and that’s all you thought you needed! Never thinking that the farmers and factory workers and small business owners in Wisconsin and Michigan and Ohio might have a say in the election too.

And if you’re going to blame the director of the FBI sending a letter, maaaaaaybe you shouldn’t have given him reason to be looking into your sketchy email server. So in reality, it’s still your fault that you lost.

At this point, Hillary just sounds like crazy Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, complaining forever how she could have taken state and been a big deal –

Though everyone’s so sick of Hillary’s crap that I’m not even sure Kip would stick around for her BS.

(h/t ZeroHedge)


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