Why Are We Expected To Praise Kim Kardashian For Having Cellulite?

If you missed my mini rant on the atrocity that is the underboob trend, catch up here. This rant is kind of an extension of that rant.

There are images floating around of an unedited Kim Kardashian wearing a bikini in Mexico. And by unedited, I mean her butt and thighs are not smooth, oily and plastic looking.

Photo from The Daily Mail:


Ah yes. Every woman’s nemesis. Cellulite.

“Good Morning Britain” host Susanna Reid host discussed the unedited image with Piers Morgan.

“I think she looks fantastic!” Reid exclaimed. “I’m glad these pictures are a bit more honest. Cellulite is to be celebrated and I think women will embrace the honesty.”

Couple of things. 1.) Cellulite sucks, and I’ll never love it and 2.) How can anyone applaud Kim for being “honest” when her ENTIRE REAR END IS FAKE? (To some degree, at least.)

*deep breaths*

Later on, Piers asked Reid if stretch marks should be celebrated, and she was all, “It absolutely is to be celebrated.”


I don’t get it. Why does society have this incessant need to celebrate imperfections? Why can’t we begrudgingly accept them? It all relates back to the bogus body positivity movement Mockarena calls out so often. We get it. Some women are obese. Some women are naturally thin. Some women have curves. Some women have cellulite. That’s cool, but why do we all feel the need to go out of our way and celebrate every one of those things individually? Can’t we just live?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not fond of drawing attention to my physical insecurities and have never felt the need to POST THEM ONLINE and fish for compliments, all for a little confidence boost. These days, that’s all the body positivity movement seems to be about: Making insecure girls feel empowered by actually throwing virtual parties for their flaws– flaws which we all have and all deal with. It reminds me of the time Lena Dunham essentially asked everyone to throw her cellulite a birthday party. She was so grateful to Glamour Magazine for letting her cellulite “do the damn thing on news stands everywhere.” And she basically expected all of us to praise her for being oh-so brave and putting her physical flaws on the table. (Apparently, she didn’t realize she’s been posting unflattering photos since the beginning of time.) I don’t care how many “all natural” celebrity photos come across my newsfeed. I will always despise cellulite with every ounce of my being. I hate it. HATE. And I certainly won’t praise Kim McButtInjection Kardashian for being “honest” about her body.

I absolutely love what Piers Morgan– I know, Piers Morganhad to say about that.

The only problem is that the real thing, as we have now seen, bares no relation to the perfectly proportioned, super-smooth, cellulite-free vision of glory she sells to the world via her Kimoji wares or the heavily-airbrushed photos she posts and flogs to magazines.

In other words, as with all things Kardashian these days, it’s one gigantic con trick. A façade aided and abetted by the world’s women’s magazine industry that wants us all to buy into the fakery and compel its readers to aspire to completely bogus body images with myriad expensive potions, creams and surgeries.

I will say this, though. I understand Reid’s praise to an extent. She’s excited because Kim’s “natural bod” (I use the term loosely) sends the message to young girls that we’re all imperfect. But here’s the thing: Girls shouldn’t be looking up to Kim Kardashian in the first place. I mean, look how she handled this. In a now deleted tweet, she wrote, “Yup I’ve recently seen perspective is a b****. I’ll work on taking good videos with better lighting &angles. F*** you would think I learned…”


She’s hardly someone to aspire to emulate. She’s famous for making a sex tape and having a gigantic butt. Can we please raise our standards, at least a tad?


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