Riots Break Out In Venezuela Over Food Shortages. Who Could Have Seen This Coming??

Riots Break Out In Venezuela Over Food Shortages. Who Could Have Seen This Coming??

Socialism is SO AWESOME, you guys! Just look at Venezuela!

Yes, that great big smoking crater where a once-prosperous South American country used to be. That’s the one.

According to this, protests in Venezuela erupted into violent riots which led to the deaths of at least two people and injuring many others. Protesters came out to demand that Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro step down, blaming him on the fact that these people have no food or other basic necessities of life –

A teenage boy and a woman died after being shot Wednesday during massive protests in Venezuela against President Nicolas Maduro, bringing to seven the number killed this month in a mounting political crisis.

Riot police fired tear gas to force back stone-throwing demonstrators as tens of thousands of people joined protest marches in Caracas and several other cities.

The opposition has accused Maduro of letting state forces and gangs of armed thugs violently repress demonstrators as he resists opposition pressure for him to quit.

Despite Wednesday’s deadly violence, his opponents upped the ante by calling for fresh protests on Thursday.

“Tomorrow at the same time we are summoning the whole Venezuelan people to mobilize,” senior opposition leader Henrique Capriles told a news conference.

The article on Yahoo News takes several paragraphs to get to the part where they even bother mentioning the Venezuelan food shortages – it’s like they want you to think that this is just a bunch of free thinking people protesting a president they don’t like (and probably wanting you to draw the parallels to the current American political climate that you’re thinking of).

But Yahoo does get to the actual point eventually. The true culprit? Socialism! Yay! –

Pressure on the leftist president has been mounting since 2014, as falling prices for Venezuela’s crucial oil exports have aggravated an economic crisis.

Venezuelans are suffering shortages of food and medicine.

“I don’t have any food in the fridge,” said protester Jean Tovar, 32, who held rocks in his hands ready to throw at military police in Caracas.

“I have a two-year-old son to support and I am unemployed, and it is all Maduro’s fault.”

Recent moves by Maduro to tighten his grip on power and ban Capriles from politics have escalated the country’s political and economic crisis and sparked international cries of concern.

They have galvanized the often divided opposition in its efforts to force Maduro from power.

“We have to end this dictatorship. We’re fed up. We want elections to get Maduro out, because he’s destroyed this country,” said protester Ingrid Chacon, a 54-year-old secretary.

Let’s see… a country with craploads of natural resources – including vast oil reserves – that has no business being as poor and destitute as it is ends up with a government forcing socialist policies onto its people. Gee… what in the world would have caused all of this misery and suffering and, yes, even violence?

It’s too bad the low-info Bernie Bros probably aren’t paying attention to this. Or, if they are, they’ll just claim that America could do socialism SO MUCH BETTER than Venezuela did it. You just need the right people in power making all the decisions and taking away people’s choices and forcing them into poverty.

Venezuela is a cautionary tale for the rest of us (and so is Brazil). Socialism does NOT work. It never has.


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