The New England Patriots SLAMS The New York Times For Their Fake News Reporting

The New England Patriots SLAMS The New York Times For Their Fake News Reporting

Oh gee – who was it that was overly-obsessed with the crowds on Inauguration Day? *cough cough* the media *cough*

So, as you are probably aware by now, the New England Patriots visited the White House yesterday as part of their victory lap for winning the Super Bowl. And the media was DESPERATE to make this into a political thing by comparing the Patriots’ last White House visit to this one. To the point where they were comparing the number of people who came with the team to meet with POTUS.

I’m dead serious. Here’s what the New York Times tweeted about the event (and the tweet is still up as of 8:30 am Mountain Time) –

nyt pats

You see what they’re doing, I’m sure. The crowd in 2015 when Obama was still president was so much bigger than when Trump was president. OMG – Trump is an awful president and we still wish Obama was king of the world! That PROVES that Trump is Literally Hitler!

You know that’s what the NYT Twitter account person was thinking when they put this together.

However, the New England Patriots’ Twitter came in to rain on the Times’s parade with Actual Facts –

pats rebuttal

And just for comparison’s sake, they tweeted out two photos that told a much more accurate story –

Sooo… roughly the same number of people were there, they were just seated differently this time. Huh… it’s like that’s a perfectly logical explanation!

I’ll give the Pats credit for this – at least they aren’t willing to let fake news stand when they can prove otherwise. Besides, I don’t think they took too kindly to being used as political props by the New York Times.

(Seriously – why even make the crowd comparisons in the first place? It’s not like this is something that people care about on a regular basis.)

So, the New York Times got caught spreading fake news and the New England Patriots called them out for it. New England isn’t my favorite football team in the world (that’s an understatement), but I will give them virtual high-fives for this.

It’s saying a lot that I’d rather side with the Patriots than the New York Times on ANYTHING.

(h/t Twitchy)


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