Australia Pushes ‘Tough’ New Citizenship Rules, Like Speak English And Share Australian Values

Australia Pushes ‘Tough’ New Citizenship Rules, Like Speak English And Share Australian Values

Huh. It’s almost like Western countries are figuring out that a shared set of values and new citizens assimilating into society helps avoid deadly culture clashes like what’s happening in much of Europe these days.

Just waiting for the Cult of Social Justice to start screaming how bigoted that is. If they haven’t already.

According to this, the Australian government has implemented so-called “tough” new rules for people who want to become Australian citizens. I use “tough” in quotation marks because these rules ought to be common sense for ANY country who allowed people from other countries to become citizens. And, frankly, it ought to be something those immigrants expect to have to do when they get there –

Citizen applicants will need to face an English test and commit to embracing Australian values under tough new rules.
Applicants will also need to provide evidence they have been working to show they can integrate into the country.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said proficiency in the English language is ‘the single best thing any person coming to this country can do’.
‘They’ve lived here for four years, they speak English, and they share our values and can be integrated into society,’ Mr Turnbull said in Canberra on Thursday.
‘What we’re doing is strengthening our multicultural society and strengthening our commitment to Australian values.’

So wait… if you want to live in a new country, you should actually SPEAK THE LANGUAGE? Not only that, but you should be okay with their societies norms and values? You shouldn’t demand that they change the way they do things, just because the place you left (with a presumably good reason for doing so) did things different and you’re having a hard time adjusting?

STOP THE PRESSES! We’ve got a radical new theory on our hands!

PM Turnbull also said something that I’m sure is going to make leftists heads explode everywhere –

Mr Turnbull added citizenship should be an honour.
‘There is no more important title in our democracy than Australian citizen,’ he said.


Wait – you mean that it’s an honor and a privilege for a country to bestow citizenship upon its immigrants? That immigrants aren’t just entitled to it because they show and say they want it? They actually have to EARN it?

Good grief – why can’t our government say this? Why can’t our society say this? (Without getting called racist, that is.)

We Chicks have talked about this many times before – how ridiculous it is that new immigrants aren’t expect to melt into our American melting pot because the left has convinced our society that expecting new Americans to be, well, American is racist and bigoted.

Actually, it’s the opposite. I’d say that lowering expectations for new citizens is actually MORE racist and bigoted. Like, we can’t expect people who want to become Americans to be able to meet the standards that our country has set for potential citizens? We don’t think they can rise to the challenge and not only meet it, but exceed it? For the immigrants who come here to genuinely become Americans and leave their old ways behind, it’s an honor and a privilege for them to do that.

And I’m not just blowing smoke about this. My father-in-law’s family immigrated to the United States from Holland right after World War II. They wanted to come before the war, but then the the Nazis happened (and we can kind of guess how that went down). But when they FINALLY got here, my husband’s grandparents were ALL ABOUT making sure their children were American. They had two more kids after they moved here (one was my father-in-law) and Oma INSISTED that they both have as American-sounding names as they possibly could. They spoke English, not Dutch. And the whole family built a successful business and became productive citizens of their new homeland.

It’s a cool story, though not one that is necessarily unique. Lots of legal immigrants have similar experiences. It’s a different attitude when people come to a new country with the intent to follow the rules and be an contributing member of society, versus when people sneak in to just mooch off whatever freebies the government can give them and throw a fit when citizens get upset that these illegals broke the law.

Australia’s got the right idea. I hope it works out for them. And I hope we can follow their example.


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