Ann Coulter Promises She Will Speak At Berkeley, Even Though The School Canceled Her Speech

Ann Coulter Promises She Will Speak At Berkeley, Even Though The School Canceled Her Speech

UC-Berkeley isn’t exactly covering itself in glory these days. So much for being the leader of the free speech movement.

According to this, conservative author and speaker Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at Berkeley next week. But university officials canceled her appearance because of fears that protesters would show up and violent riots would break out.

Huh – I wonder where they got that idea?

Despite the cancellation, Coulter has promised that she is going to go to Berkeley and speak anyway. Here she is discussing the issue with Tucker Carlson –

From the sourcelink –

Coulter said the university insisted that her speech take place in the middle of the day, that only students could attend and that the exact venue wouldn’t be announced until the last minute. She said that she agreed with the conditions but that apparently wasn’t good enough.

“They just up and announced that I was prohibited from speaking anyway,” Coulter said, noting that her speech topic was to be immigration, the subject of one of her books. “I feel like the Constitution is important and that taxpayer-supported universities should not be using public funds to violate American citizens’ constitutional rights.”

A conservative national group that was helping to organize the event, Young America’s Foundation, said Coulter also made demands of her own, including that any students engaging in violence be expelled. In her email, Coulter said she is still planning to give her speech, and YAF spokesman Spencer Brown said she has told them that she plans to appear at Berkeley on April 27.

No matter how you personally feel about Ann Coulter (even people on the right have kind of soured on her recently), who the specific speaker is in this case doesn’t actually matter. It all goes back to college campuses being hostile toward people they disagree with. The fact that Berkeley – once a stalwart proponent of free speech and expression to the point of vulgarity – can’t stand the idea of Ann Coulter or Milo Yiannopoulos or anyone to the right of Stalin speaking on their campus is completely ridiculous.

But it proves without a doubt where the school’s political loyalties lie (not that there was any question). And it further illustrates how intolerant and bigoted the left is toward anyone who doesn’t think the same way they do. I believe Daisy highlighted a video discussing that very topic – that college campuses are actually the least diverse places in the country. Sure, the people there look diverse – with all their various skin colors and ethnicities and sexual orientations and made-up genders.

But as far as diversity of thought? People having different opinions? Pffffft… nah. That’s just crazy talk! There is no other opinion but ours! Everything else is Literally Hitler! Because we say so!

That’s that state of college campuses right now. If there was any intellectual honesty left in academia, they would be embarrassed by that.


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