No, Leftists. Elmo Is Not Getting Fired By President Trump… I Mean, President Grump…

Is this the same left that freaked out when Sesame Street announced they were going to HBO and be partially funded by the cable giant?

Sigh… anyway, there’s this new video out from What’s Trending dealing with President Trump’s new budget and – true to the left’s scare tactics – they’ve deployed Elmo to make you feel guilty about not wanting to pay more tax money to PBS –

OH NOES! Donald Trump hates cute little red Muppets! He’s Literally Hitler! We’re all gonna DIIIIIIIIEEEEE without taxpayer-funded PBS! Think of TEH CHILDRUNZ!

You know that’s the left’s argument here. Never mind that there’s a whole slew of children’s TV shows on Netflix and Hulu. Or if you really need the TV to be your babysitter and you’re really that broke, you can rent DVDs for free from your local library.

Trust me – there are TONS of other options for cheap/free entertainment for your kids. Even if Sesame Street goes away (unlikely), you will be FINE.

Good grief – Sesame Street gets so much cash from toy marketing and now their big HBO deal that they could fund all of PBS on their own! (That’s not even counting the advertising revenue they get from their Masterpiece programs – and that stuff they don’t even have to produce themselves! They get those shows from TV studios in Britain!) Financially speaking, taxpayer funds aren’t even needed on PBS anymore.

In fact, Elmo is actually one of those EEEEEEEEVIL 1%-ers that the left despises so much. Why isn’t he paying his fair share of taxes? Greedy little furball…

Sure, the usual suspects on the left are going to whine about how PBS doesn’t get “that much” money and it’s not going to make much of a difference. Which is a load of crap. if we said that about every stupid little thing that “didn’t cost that much money,” we’d never cut ANYTHING. If you added up everything that was barely a drop in the federal budget bucket, it would combine to add up to a significant amount (National Endowment of the Arts, anyone?)

Here’s reality: We are upwards of $20 trillion in debt. Every citizen is on the hook for about $61,000 of that debt. We don’t have the money to spend on things like PBS and glorified sheep herding. And, quite honestly, the children of America will be just fine if Elmo doesn’t get a dime of taxpayer money.

And not to tell other parents how to raise their kids – but if Sesame Street is the only sort of quality entertainment your kid is getting on a regular basis, maybe you should rethink how you define “entertainment” in your home.

(h/t Twitchy)


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