Howard Dean: There Is No Room For Pro-Lifers In The Democrat Party

Howard Dean: There Is No Room For Pro-Lifers In The Democrat Party

Way to open your party to various opinions, dude.

According to this, former Vermont governor, former DNC chair (and presidential primary screamer) Howard Dean proclaimed loudly during an appearance on “Morning Joe” that if you’re a Democrat and you’re pro-life (or pro-gun or pro-God), that there’s pretty much no place for you in the modern Democrat Party. And that is because the young people are running the party now – and they refuse to compromise on ANY of that stuff –

“Young people.” You mean young people like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Donna Brazile, John Lewis… oh, I guess Barack Obama is pretty young and hip by comparison (didn’t he just turn 55?)

Basically, what Dean is saying is that the days when Democrats would compromise and work with the opposition are over. And it’s all because of the poisonous ideology that the the Cult of Social Justice has infected the young generation with. Everyone that you disagree with is Literally Hitler (I would also use “Literally Satan,” but these kids don’t really hold with anything pertaining to religion). Those people are evil and you can’t talk to them, so don’t even try (but you can punch them indiscriminately. THAT’S completely okay!)

What Howard Dean is saying is that the Democrats need to capitulate to the totalitarian worldview of these younger kids coming up. There’s just no other option for them anymore. To which I say – maybe you shouldn’t have been flirting with these extremist views for all these years.

I’m suddenly having flashbacks to the 2012 Democrat National Convention when they booed God.


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