Makeup Company Point-Blank Tells Trump Supporters Not To Buy Their Products

Makeup Company Point-Blank Tells Trump Supporters Not To Buy Their Products

It’s not like I buy a ton of makeup anyway, but their honesty is refreshing. Even if it’s incredibly stupid.

According to this, a UK-based makeup company called Illamasqua (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) is asking their customers to take the “anti-fascism pledge” (how very fascist of them) and also proclaimed that they don’t want anyone who supported Trump to buy their makeup.

Quick Question: Has anyone even heard of this company or this brand? The article says that their products are available to Americans online, but why would you bother waiting for makeup to be shipped in from overseas when you can buy makeup in stores (or probably have a zillion Mary Kay and Younique consultants hawking their stuff on your Facebook page)? There are easier ways to buy makeup – that’s all I’m saying.

Regardless of their obscurity or the fact that they’re using politics to score sales, Illamasqua decided to issue a statement which reads, in part (emphasis added) –

The company issued a statement that read: ‘Illamasqua believe in the freedom of expression, equality and diversity.
‘That’s why we are horrified by President Trump’s actions to date. We refuse to remain silent while extreme right-wing populism gains momentum… wherever it is happening.
As such, we will never knowingly sell our products to people who support President Trump’s values.
It asked customers to pledge to its ‘Human Fundamentalism values’, which include refusing to discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, accepting responsibility to challenge climate issues, and ‘speaking for those who cannot speak up for themselves’.
The statement went on to say: ‘We’re realistic. We know we can’t stop anyone buying our products. But we also know that no matter how hard some people work to make themselves beautiful on the outside, make-up can never hide the ugliness inside.
‘So please, if you don’t agree with the above DON’T BUY US.’

So, if you voted for Trump, Illamasqua doesn’t want your business or your money. And they won’t sell to you if they know you voted for Trump. And you’re ugly.

(Side Note: This is okay for the left. And it’s also okay to bring legal action against a Christian baker or florist for not catering a gay wedding. Just so we’re 100% clear on everything, you know.)

Honestly, this is how I read that statement –

virtue signal large

It’s nothing more than a pathetic attempt to cash in on all this anti-Trump sentiment. And even people who don’t like Donald Trump are calling it out for what it is (apparently, the company hasn’t exactly covered themselves in glory in the past) –

makeup 1

makeup 2

makeup 3

makeup 4

Pretty much. But, honestly, they can do what they like. Unlike the leftist, we’re not going to haul them to court over it.


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