Whoopi Just Defended Tiffany Trump In The Best Way Possible.

The other day, we told you about how editors at New York’s Fashion Week were playing high school mean girls and doing whatever they could to avoid sitting next to Tiffany Trump at the fashion shows. It was absolutely ridiculous, because they are basically punishing her for doing nothing but BEING BORN.

We like to give credit when it’s due, which is why we need to give MAJOR PROPS to Whoopi Goldberg, who has spoken out in defense of Tiffany:

That’s exactly right. NOBODY IS TALKING POLITICS AT FASHION SHOWS. And Tiffany wasn’t there to talk about her dad. She was there to look at clothes. The fact that those haughty arrogant jerks were acting like she had cooties or something only proves how awful THEY are.

And you know what? Tiffany accepted Whoopi’s offer, tweeting, “Thank you @Whoopi Goldberg I’d love to sit with you too!” along with a smiley emoji.

I cannot tell you how much I love that.

So way to go, Whoopi. I’m surprised but happily so. You did good.


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