Ted Cruz Trolls The Media On Twitter And It Is GLORIOUS!

Ted Cruz Trolls The Media On Twitter And It Is GLORIOUS!

Senator Ted Cruz is becoming quite the adept little Twitter troll, especially when it comes to the dishonest media. I’m certainly not going to complain!

You all remember how Cruz pretty much ate Deadspin’s lunch after they made fun of his basketball outreach to his fellow senators, right? Now, Cruz is going after the media’s current obsession with Trump and Russia and how, supposedly, President Trump is super-chummy with Vladimir Putin.

First, Cruz’s tweet –

And the video that Cruz linked to?

Well, well, well… isn’t that just FASCINATING. It seems this isn’t the first time there’s been “controversy” involving a sitting US president and Russia. But you never heard much about Obama’s promised “flexibility” with Russia back in 2012, did you? At least, not outside the conservative blogosphere.

(Then again, 2012 was the year that Obama told Mitt Romney that the 1980s wanted their foreign policy back. And I know that nostalgia for the ’80s is kind of in vogue now, but that’s not the kind of “nostalgia” I’m looking for.)

It’s so telling how selective the media is about the Russia-related scandals they cover, isn’t it? And the media wonders why we despise them so much.

(h/t The Right Scoop)


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