Student SUSPENDED For Recording Professor’s Violent Anti-Trump Tirade

I guess the vaunted tradition of college students recording their professor’s lectures is going to go the way of the dodo pretty soon.

Do you all remember the professor from that small college in California who called Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism” (I sure hope that this professor doesn’t try to visit Syria anytime soon – that’s going to rock her world)? Her rantings and ravings were caught on video by one of her students, who posted the video online and also found himself the target of legal action (the professor, however, is still sitting pretty. Because, California).

If you need a refresher, here’s the video the student took (oh, and this was in a class on human sexuality. Heaven only knows what the professor’s rant had to do with the subject matter in class) –

To recap: If you voted for Trump or otherwise support him, you’re a white supremacist and a terrorist and you probably deserve to die. Yeah, sounds like the kind of college class I’d like to sit through…

Now, according to this, that student, 19-year-old Caleb O’Neil, has been suspended from school. Because… making part of a lecture given at a public college available online is a problem for some reason?

Caleb O’Neil filmed Olga Perez Stable Cox, 66, labeling the president a ‘white supremacist’ during a psychology and human sexuality class at Orange Coast College, California, in December.
He anonymously sent the clip to the college’s Republican body for it to be shared online, prompting a barrage of complaints against Cox who critics said should not thrust her political views on students.
On Wednesday Caleb, a 19-year-old sophomore at the school, revealed his identity and that he had been suspended for sharing the video.
The university issued a letter complaining that he had violated its student code of conduct by filming Cox without her knowledge.
Unless he writes an essay explaining why he shared the video and apologizes to Cox, he will be excluded for an entire semester.

TheĀ professor deserves an apology??? Are these school officials FOR REAL? If I were Caleb, I’d tell the school to pound sand and give me my tuition money back.

And the reason that Caleb even filmed the professor in the first place? So he’d have proof of her insane left-leaning views in case she penalized him in class for simply being a Trump supporter. And it’s sad that conservative students have to resort to such things, but this is where we are now –

On Wednesday, he said he began filming the teacher to gather proof of her left-leaning views.
He also said he was convinced she would begin grading him harshly purely because he was a Trump fan.
‘I pulled my phone out to record it because I was honestly scared that it would affect my grades because she knew I was a Trump supporter.’
He previously told the College’s Republicans he felt ‘censored and bullied if I did not agree with her opinions’.

The good news is that Caleb – along with the school’s College Republicans organization, who initially shared the video – is fighting his suspension and all the other ridiculous demands the school is putting on him for posting that video –

The school’s Republican body, which filed a complaint against her when the footage was shared last year, is campaigning for Caleb to be spared punishment.
Its president, Joshua Recalde-Martinez, described her rant as ‘indoctrination’ last year and was on hand at the press conference in California on Wednesday to support Caleb.
The group has also launched the hashtag ‘JusticeForCaleb’ on Facebook and describes the college’s decision as an ‘assault on their basic amendment rights’.
‘Caleb was so afraid of being targeted by his professor for being a Trump supporter, that he felt compelled to show the world what’s really going on at our nation’s college classrooms.
‘Orange Coast College just suspended him for a year, and is forcing him to write an apology letter to his professor and to the school. He may be expelled if he doesn’t comply with all of the requirements they sent out for him.
‘Please share if you’re against this blatant assault on first amendment rights by OCC,’ a post in his support read.

So, we’ll see where this goes.

Personally, I can’t imagine being a conservative college student these days. Sometimes, I think it really wasn’t that long ago that I was in college (and, admittedly, I went to school in a fairly conservative and tolerant place – not anything near as nutty as California. But there were still plenty of leftist professors I had to deal with), but covering these kinds of stories – I’m glad that I’m not in college anymore. I worry about my future kids – what higher education is going to look like by the time they get there and what they’ll have to do to get a degree (or if it’ll even be worth it by then – they might be better off doing trade school or getting a job right out of high school).

It can be scary to speak out like this. But thankfully there are guys like Caleb willing to stand up for themselves. Bless him for it!


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