Report: ESPN Losing 10,000 Subscribers Per DAY

Report: ESPN Losing 10,000 Subscribers Per DAY

It couldn’t have happened to a scummier social justice network!

According to this, leftist-propaganda-machine-masquerading-as-a-sports-channel ESPN is reported to be losing an average of 10,000 subscribers a day. They’ve gone from a high of 100 million subscribers in 2011 to having lost 12 million since then.

Sure, part of this is cord cutting. People are opting to not pay truckloads of money for expensive cable and satellite packages, instead only having cheaper on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime. And, so far, ESPN hasn’t figured out a way to bring live sports coverage to a streaming service (or, at least, not one that is worth it to consumers).

But another huge part of this – particularly with this 10,000 subscribers jumping ship each day – is how blatantly leftist they’ve become (or have just always been, but have now decided to fly their true colors). And, according to analyst Clay Travis, most sports fans lean more conservative –

Soooo… yeah… all that nonsense about lionizing Colin Kaepernick and firing Curt Schilling and honoring the Mizzou football team for their social justice temper tantrums and giving Caitlyn Jenner the “Courage Award”… that’s hurt the network’s reputation with sports fans. They’ve stuck their fingers in the eyes of their audience and for what? To try to lure the purple-haired harridans of the Cult of Social Justice into watching sports?

NEWSFLASH, ESPN – these leftist activists are NOT going to suddenly develop a lasting interest in sports just because you start pandering to them. They are NOT going to flock to you to hear the latest sports scores. In fact, most of them hate sports. To them, sports represents everything they hate about Western culture – competition, winning and losing, one person/team being better than another, no participation trophies. So, if you’re counting on that contingent to make up for the sports fans that you’ve chased off with your leftist idiocy, don’t hold your breath.


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