DUDE. Sharia Law Is, Like, So Super Hip And Trendy. Don’cha Know?

DUDE. Sharia Law Is, Like, So Super Hip And Trendy. Don’cha Know?

I really want to punch whoever made this video.

You may have seen this video floating around social media – it’s quite popular with all the low-info Millennials. It’s supposed to dispel the notion that Sharia Law is dangerous and incompatible with Western values of freedom and liberty.

Like, radical Islamists don’t actually want to throw gay people off buildings and marry nine-year-old girls and force anyone who isn’t a Muslim to convert or die. Nah – it’s just the same as any freedom-loving-religion! That also has several associated terrorist groups that routinely commit murder against the people that don’t believe in the same things…

Nobody ever said Islamism made much sense.

Watch. And have a barf bag handy –

Too bad for this chick that we’ve actually done our homework on Sharia Law. And, yes, it is a law – a law that many Muslims would love to have replace American Constitutional Law. As this (much better researched) video explains, Sharia Law IS the government in many Muslim countries and Islamists want to make it the government for the entire world –

Given that Sharia Law makes it okay for men to track women like dogs, or for grown men to rape young boys, or women to be flogged for standing too close to their boyfriends or – again – to kill homosexuals just for being homosexual (see: Pulse Nightclub attack)… yeah, America’s system of government is VASTLY preferable. It’s not even a question. And it’s certainly not something that should be treated like the new latte flavor at Starbucks or whatever.

Sharia is dangerous. Not just to Americans or the West, but to EVERYONE. The sooner people realize that, the better off we’ll all be.


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