Chelsea Clinton’s Freaking Out Because An Illegal Immigrant Deported SEVEN Times Was Arrested By ICE

Chelsea Clinton’s Freaking Out Because An Illegal Immigrant Deported SEVEN Times Was Arrested By ICE

I can’t tell you how excited I am to watch the next generation of Clinton corruption get the red carpet laid out as she skates into public office for no good reason. Really, I can’t tell you.

First, some background – in New Mexico, an illegal immigrant transgender woman (look at all those social justice ticky-boxes!) who was filing a domestic abuse report against her abusive boyfriend was arrested by ICE when they found out that she’d been deported SEVEN TIMES and had a criminal record of her own. Of course, the leftist media conveniently forgot to highlight that part of the story. It was just that this poor, defenseless “undocumented immigrant” (oh please) was brutally arrested while trying to seek help from the police –

Sure, CBS News did include the bit about the woman’s criminal history – in, like, paragraph twelve of the article. And we ALL KNOW how people look beyond the headlines on Facebook and Twitter and actually read into the details –

KDBC obtained documents filed in federal court stating that Homeland Security Investigators (HIS)  Border Enforcement Security Taskforce (BEST) Agents received information that an individual who had been previously deported was in the United States. The information stated that the individual was residing at the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence. IT also stated that the individual had previously been arrested for possession of stolen mail and illegal re-entry into the United States and sentenced to 12 months and a day.

It also stateds HIS BEST Agents conducted surveillance at the county courthouse in attempts to see the individual.

According to the affidavit filed by federal agents, the individual has been removed from the United States six times and voluntarily returned to Mexico one other time.

So, ICE was doing their jobs and arrested the woman for breaking the law. This is only news because the media has an agenda to push.

One of those idiots who just looked at a sob-story headline and decided to grandstand about it was Chelsea Clinton, who tweeted about how horrified and sick she was that this could happen in the United States –

To be fair, the rule of law doesn’t mean much to someone with the last name “Clinton.” So, take that into account.

Except… wasn’t it her mom and dad advocating for stronger borders and cracking down on illegal immigration back in the day? OH WAIT – it totally was!

Just hear how MEEEEEEEEAN and hateful Bill and Hillary sound! How can Chelsea stand to hear such hate speech?!

But that’s not what’s going to get Chelsea into public office when “Her Turn” inevitably comes up. Whatever she needs to say to get her family back in power, that’s what she’s going to say. Just you watch.

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