Now Feminist Hosebeasts Want To Stop Daddy-Daughter Dates

Now Feminist Hosebeasts Want To Stop Daddy-Daughter Dates

If feminists weren’t such hateful, arrogant, beastly hags, I would actually feel sorry for them.

Some feminist chick named Elizabeth Broadbent posted a piece entitled “Honestly, Daddy-Daughter Dates Are Anything But Innocent.” You can probably guess where this sack of horse manure is going to go.

Apparently, Elizabeth wants us to think that because there are dads who – GASP – want to be involved in their daughters’ lives and take an interest in their well-being, that it’s somehow some insidious tool of the EEEEEEEEVIL patriarchy to keep women and girls lower on the societal totem pole than men –

While I don’t fault the woman who posted this — I am pretty uncomfortable with the overall idea of “daddy-daughter dates.” On LifeWay’s “3 Benefits of Father-Daughter Date Nights,” a father asks, on a “date” with his seventh-grade daughter, “How have you felt during our date tonight? I don’t want you to expect anything less from a boy you’re dating.” The site notes that he “opened doors, pulled out chairs, asked her questions and offered kind words about her external and internal beauty.”
These aren’t sweet. They aren’t cute. They’re creepy, and they seek to enforce patriarchal notions of femininity.

The dads held doors and pulled out chairs for their daughters??? And they taught them that’s an honorable thing for a man to do for a woman??? THE HORROR!!!!

Elizabeth’s tirade just gets worse and worse from there –

These little girls, who are taken out on dates by their fathers, are taught that men should do everything for them. Men open the door. Men pull out the chair. Men buy everything. Men even pick out their dresses and purses, in Fladager’s daughter’s case. It’s incumbent on the man to “ask questions” and draw her out. And it’s his job to validate her inner and outer beauty.

Seeing as how it’s often women tearing other women down over appearance and what they do with their lives (*cough* feminism *cough, cough*), I think we could do with MORE men helping build up women’s confidence in themselves (and I’ll deal with the catty, b*tchy women another day).

Oh, and this one truly takes the cake. Of course it starts with the trite “This Is [Current Year]” cliche. Like that has ANYTHING to do with it –

This is 2017. And newsflash, women don’t need men to do things for them. We don’t need some big, bad patriarchal figure to hold the door or compliment our inner beauty. We deserve men who are equal partners, who share life’s journey with us, and who treat us as equals. Daddy-daughter dates include an implicit power dynamic, and it’s not in favor of the girl. They aren’t empowering. They’re teaching girls to accept a domineering masculine figure in their lives. You don’t see Mother-Son Dates, and that’s because boys don’t need socialized into a female dominated society.

You can’t be equal partners with someone who buys you dinner or holds open the door for you? News to me…

And I don’t know what universe Elizabeth is living in, but Mother-Son dates are a thing. I remember my church holding such events in conjunction with Scouting and other youth-related activities. Same with Daddy-Daughter dates. It’s not about socializing according to one single gender, it’s about being a freaking parent. Oh, but I forgot. Traditional family life is the antithesis of feminism. Breaking apart families means that the power has to go somewhere else – usually the government. And hello progressivism!

That’s really what this diatribe against Daddy-Daughter Dates is about. It’s not about freaking out that a dad is treating his little girl with a nice evening. It’s about breaking down the traditional family and the strong network for society that it’s been since the beginning of human history.

Or as one cartoonist illustrated beautifully –


Feminism’s fight against the family – pitting men and women against each other and insisting that we don’t actually need each other – is really where all of this nonsense comes down to. Again, if their message wasn’t so damaging to society as a whole, I would feel sorry for them. And here’s why –

Growing up, my dad was my best buddy. We did EVERYTHING together. And that included regular “Daddy-Daughter dates.” Sometimes these were as simple as going out for ice cream after chores were done, sometimes they were more elaborate events like going to a basketball game together. He used these little “dates” to talk to me, find out what was going on in my life, share family history (and American history) with me. And, yes, it served as an example of how I should expect to be treated when I started dating and thinking about marriage.

And now that I am married and we’re expecting our first baby, I’m glad that I have those memories of spending time with my dad. I feel like the things my dad taught me were instrumental in the choices of the kinds of men I dated and the one I eventually married. I don’t know yet whether our baby is going to be a boy or a girl, but if we have a daughter, I hope my husband will take her on Daddy-Daughter dates and teach her how she should expect to be treated by the men she will meet throughout her life (and teach her how to defend herself from the scumballs of the world – oh hey! Another thing my own dad taught me!).

Was my dad absolutely perfect in everything he did? Nope. I don’t know any dads who are. But the fact was that he made the effort, like any good dad would. He was present in all of his children’s lives, even when he was insanely busy with work. Dad’s influence on my life actually empowered me to make my own choices and to stand up for myself when necessary. Sure, Mom had a big hand in that. But it would be vastly different if Dad wasn’t there to back her up.

So, feminists can take their hatred of Daddy-Daughter dates and every other interaction that dads have with their children and stuff it.


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