So Did 4Chan Troll The Media OR WHAT????

So Did 4Chan Troll The Media OR WHAT????

It seems there’s an update to this Donald Dossier story like every two minutes, so we’ll do our best to keep you up to date on the latest rumors.

In case you missed it, last night the internet exploded with news about a dossier full of juicy rumors about Donald Trump, not the least of which included a story about him hiring Russian prostitutes to pee on a hotel bed that the Obamas slept on.  You can catch up on that right here.

The pee jokes.  Oh Lordy, the pee jokes.  Priceless.

THEN, rumors flew that CNN and other media outlets who reported that story got trolled HARD by 4chan.  You can catch up on that update right here.

And now?  Well, the plot continues to thicken.  According to the Daily Beast, “proof that it’s all an elaborate 4chan ruse is thin.”


Your guess is as good as anyone’s.  Apparently, there are no definitive details in the archived 4chan post, and Rick Wilson, who’s at the center of the alleged trolling, continues to insist that the Trump rumors are true, and that he wasn’t trolled.

From the sourcelink:

Wilson dismissed all of r/The_Donald and 4chan’s claims in a tweet on Tuesday night. “You’re wrong if you believe 1. What we had came from /pol 2. That I was Buzzfeed’s source. Try again, boys,” he wrote.

“The information was out there looooong before the 4chan posts,” he replied to another user.

Reached by phone earlier in the evening, Wilson told The Daily Beast that the Russian allegations were “making the rounds before anyone talked about it publicly.” He said that they were being discussed as early as a year and a half ago.

“Trump always knew it was out there,” Wilson said. “He thought he could bullshit his way through it.

“This stuff is real and it’s bad. It’s going to be something that weighs on him,” he added.

So yeah.  That’s the latest.

In short?  There are rumors swirling about Trump that are gross and awful, they cannot be verified, Russia is also saying there’s no truth to the rumor that they have dirt on Trump, no one really knows for sure if this is fake news or not, and Trump is denying everything and calling it fake news and a witch hunt.

You are now caught up.  You’re welcome.


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