Sen. Marco Rubio Grills Secretary Of State Pick Rex Tillerson

Sen. Marco Rubio Grills Secretary Of State Pick Rex Tillerson

President-elect Trump’s secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing is currently underway, and it’s actually pretty interesting. I was looking forward to this particular hearing, just because Tillerson’s the new kid on the block, and I want to see how he holds up under pressure. And boy, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is piling it on. Especially Sen. Marco Rubio.

At one point, Rubio asked Tillerson if Putin was a war criminal, and things got awkward.

Here’s the longer version:

He even asked Tillerson if he was aware of political dissidents who drop dead around Putin. Here’s the full version:

Tillerson’s answers were all some variation of, “I need more information before arriving to a conclusion,” which is the safe answer but certainly not what Rubio was looking for. Something else that concerned me? Tillerson said he has never had a true substantive discussion with Trump on Russia. That’s a head scratcher for sure.

Some say he’s judicious. Others say he’s dodging. Your take? I’m all for a tough hearing. No problem here. Just because I voted for Trump doesn’t mean Tillerson gets a free pass.


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