Jury Sentences Charleston Murderer Dylann Roof To Death

Jury Sentences Charleston Murderer Dylann Roof To Death

It’s official. The jury has sentenced Dylann Roof– the racist piece of garbage who murdered nine African-American churchgoers in Charleston– to death. The federal jury reached that decision in less than three hours.

Roof insisted on representing himself during the trial phase and used his closing argument to deny that he’s full of hatred.

“If I was really filled with as much hate as I allegedly am, wouldn’t I just say, ‘Yes, I hate black people?’” Roof asked. “Wouldn’t it be fair to say the prosecution hates me because they are trying to get the death penalty? Anyone who hates anything, in their mind has a good reason for it. And sometimes that’s because they’ve been misled and sometimes it isn’t. But I would say that in this case the prosecution, along with anyone else who hates me, are the ones who have been misled.”

“Anyone, including the prosecution, who thinks I am filled with hate has no idea what real hate is,” Roof added. “They don’t know anything about me.”


After the sentencing, Roof reportedly asked for new court-appointed attorneys, but the judge told him he’ll have to wait for the formal sentencing hearing. That’s scheduled for Wednesday morning.

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott released a statement and said Roof was “rightly sentenced to death.”

Justice, you guys. Justice.


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