DISGUSTING: Democrats Re-Hang Anti-Cop Painting On Capitol Hill

DISGUSTING: Democrats Re-Hang Anti-Cop Painting On Capitol Hill

The Democrats have truly lost it. That is, if they ever had it to begin with (which, I’m not convinced they ever did).

You might have heard about this vile painting made by a high schooler depicting a police officer as a pig shooting down black people. It was hanging up in an art gallery in the Capitol Building. It’s caused no shortage of controversy – whether or not it should be displayed at all (the fact that it could be considered by ANYBODY as an appropriate art piece to be displayed in the Capitol is disturbing enough).

According to this, Rep. Duncan Hunter removed the painting from the display after Capitol Police requested it be taken down. But one of the Democrat representatives that put it up – Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO) – demanded that those same Capitol Police press charges of theft against Hunter –

The move Tuesday by members of the Congressional Black Caucus and Rep. Lacy Clay, D-Mo., whose office for months had sponsored the display of the student artwork, could revive tensions with the law enforcement community.

But Clay told the Washington Post he wants the Capitol Police to press theft charges against Hunter for removing the artwork Friday.

“He had no right to take that picture down,” Clay told the Post. “It’s thievery.”

Let’s see… someone took down a painting of cops being portrayed as racist pigs and your first thought was to call the police and report the theft. Nope. Nooooo irony here…

Anyway, the painting has been returned and is now hanging in its spot of dubious honor. Because apparently, lawmakers are okay with law enforcement being depicted as racist pigs whose only job is to kill black people in the inner cities. Sure, makes perfect sense! If you’re high as a kite, that is –

Please, Democrats. Tell us more about how you all stand for unity and togetherness and love and Donald Trump is the one fanning the flames of racial division and hatred. I’d LOVE to hear another self-important lecture from you all, and then promptly ignore it.

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